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Yucca Cane 1PPP 10" Pot

Yucca Cane 1PPP 10" Pot

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Yucca gigantea or Yucca elephantipes

An old-fashioned houseplant that's just as common now as it was a generation ago, yucca cane is wonderfully easy to grow and an excellent choice if you're just starting out with houseplants. It shows off clusters of rich green sword-like leaves on thick, woody trunks. 

Lighting & Watering: Yucca cane prefers a spot with bright or medium light but tolerates low-light conditions well. In low light, it grows more slowly and requires less frequent watering. Water yucca cane when the top inch or so of the soil starts to dry out. 

Humidity: In extremely dry air, the leaf tips may turn brown; trim off the edges to keep the plant looking fresh. Prevent this if your home's air is dry by adding more moisture to the air with a small humidifier near the plant. 

Fertilizer: Yucca cane does best when fertilized once or twice a year. The best time to fertilize is in spring and when the days are longer and the plant is actively growing. 

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