FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions...

Q - I don't see where to specify a pick up or delivery date?

A - It appears at the bottom left of the page where you add products to your cart (this page says Your Cart at the top left) before you get to the checkout page.

Q - I didn't get something I ordered but it looks like I got charged for it?

A - When you place an order the system pre-authorizes your payment for the full amount of the order. Once the order is packed, we go into the system and remove any items from your order that we were unable to pack. Once this is done the amount we bill you is reduced to reflect only the items you actually receive. The piece of paper you receive with your order is just the copy that we pack from so the amount at the bottom of this page has not been updated to reflect any items that were removed. 

Q - Can I add on to my order after it is sent?

A - It is very difficult for us to physically track down who is packing that order and make sure they pack the additions. Please make a new order for any items that you would like to add. When you arrive to pick up, just let us know how many orders you have so we don't miss anything.

Q - I just purchased a gift card online. I did not give specific instructions when I bought it online. I received the confirmation email for my purchase. I bought it for a friend, but how are they going to get it?

A - You will receive two emails. One to say we received your order for a gift card and the second email which contains the actual gift card with the code. If you want to send as a gift simply forward the second email with the actual gift card to your recipient.

Q - How do I redeem my gift card?

A - When you are in the checkout screen there is a box in the upper right-hand corner where it says "Gift card or discount code", then click "Apply". You can also bring a printed copy and use the gift card in store.

Q - Is my order ready yet?

A - Once your order is packed it gets updated in the system. At this point you will receive a notification via email saying that your order is ready. Please check your SPAM folder as sometimes it ends up there. If after 5 days you still have not received an email it probably didn't make it, you may call and confirm if your order is ready.

Q - Can I get items from the bulk bins delivered?

A - Yes but you must call the store (458-9208 x 0) to order bulk products for delivery. This takes some organizing on our part and can't be done through this site. You can only order bulk products on this site for pick-up.