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SunBlaster 52-watt 6400K CFL Grow Bulb

SunBlaster 52-watt 6400K CFL Grow Bulb

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Light Bulb CFL 52W - Sunblaster 6400K

Use the New SunBlaster 52 Watt compact fluorescent self-ballasted lamps to replace your existing 100-200 watt incandescent bulbs.
Wherever you want to provide full spectrum 6400 Kelvin light which is comparable to natural daylight, while consuming less power than our previous 55W lamps, with comparable light output.
These lamps are designed for growing applications, however they also work well in a variety of applications such as warehouse lighting, shop lighting or garage lighting. Anywhere you need bright full spectrum lighting.

  • Light Output: 3,380 Lumens
  • Power Consumption: 52 Watts
  • Lumens per watt: 65 lm
  • Rated Life: 8,000 Hours
  • CRI: 81 CRI
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Base Type: Standard - E26
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