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Chlorophytum Mandarin 6" Pot

Chlorophytum Mandarin 6" Pot

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Chlorophytum amaniense 'Fire Flash'

Chlorophytum Mandarin is a relative of the regular old-fashioned spider plant with bright orange stems. It is a sturdy and tolerant plant.

Lighting: Mandarin plants will tolerate a range of light conditions from low to high light. Try to keep it out of afternoon sun though as the leaves could be susceptible to burning.

Watering: Water when the top inch of soil is dry. This plant is forgiving if you accidentally skip a week.

General: As with regular spider plants, the mandarin does not like water with too much fluoride. If the leaf tips are turning yellow, brown or black too much fluoride may be the cause. Try watering with rain water that has warmed up to room temperature.

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