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Canna Start

Canna Start

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CANNA Start is a unique, balanced, one-part nutrient to meet the needs of seedlings and rooted cuttings. CANNA start gives you all the primary, secondary and micro nutrients for a cutting or seedling to develop into a strong healthy plant.

Diluting a vegetative nutrient to make it more suitable for cuttings and seedlings isn't the answer. Such a dilution doesn't contain enough micro and macro elements. This causes yellowing of the plant material; not a good start for your crop. To ultimately achieve strong, healthy plants at the end you have to start off right at the very beginning. That's why CANNA developed CANNA Start; to get the exact ratio of all nutritional elements right for cuttings and seedlings.

CANNA Start is meant for use on various propagation substrates like Rockwool plugs, coco pellets, jiffy plugs, seed-mixes and most other propagation mediums. It is suitable for use on all propagation media with the exception of re-circulating systems and clone machines.

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