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Air Plant Xerographica 4-6" Diameter

Air Plant Xerographica 4-6" Diameter

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The "King of Air Plants" is the Tillandsia Xerographica. Xeros, in Greek, translates to "dry". Its grand size and silver curled leaves; plus being low maintenance, makes this air plant easy to grow and they can tolerate more neglect than some Tillandsias. 

Air plants are a unique combination of ornament and houseplant! 

Lighting: Keep your air plants in bright light, but out of direct sun.

Watering: Water your air plant by lightly misting it with water once a week or every other week. The warmer and drier the air, the more frequently you should mist. 

Humidity: Native to tropical rainforests, air plants enjoy good air flow and high relative humidity, so they're excellent choices for well-lit kitchens and bathrooms.

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