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Citrosa Geranium

Citrosa Geranium

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Scientific Name: Pelargonium x fragrans

Common Name: Geranium Citrosa

Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Blooming Time: Late spring to fall

Bloom Duration: Throughout the growing season

Fragrance: Strong citrus scent, resembling lemon or citronella

Plant Growing Habit: Upright, bushy

Characteristics: Small, delicate flowers in shades of pink, red, or white, with deeply lobed, fragrant foliage that releases a lemony scent when brushed against or crushed.

Spacing: 12-18 inches apart

Height: 12-24 inches

Width: 12-18 inches

Maintenance Requirements: Moderate maintenance; prefers well-drained soil. Regular watering, allows the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Pinch back stems to promote bushiness and encourage more foliage growth. Protect from frost in colder climates. Ideal for containers, borders, or as a fragrant addition to herb gardens.

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