Caring For Easter Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are often associated with gratitude, abundance, and heartfelt emotions. The beautiful and colourful blooms of Easter hydrangeas can be seen as a symbol of joy, happiness, and renewal, which are all themes associated with the Easter season. Additionally, Easter hydrangeas are often given as gifts during the holiday season as a way to express love, appreciation, and friendship.
Indoor Easter hydrangeas are a popular gift during the holiday season.
Here are some tips on how to care for them:
  1. Light: Easter hydrangeas prefer bright, indirect light. Place the plant near a window that receives morning sun or in a location with bright, filtered light.
  2. Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water the plant when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Avoid letting the soil dry out completely, as this can cause the plant to wilt.
  3. Humidity: Easter hydrangeas prefer a humid environment. Place a tray of water near the plant or use a humidifier to increase humidity levels.
  4. Temperature: Easter hydrangeas prefer temperatures between 60-70°F (15-21°C). Avoid placing the plant in a location with extreme temperatures or drafts.
  5. Fertilizer: Apply a balanced fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season (spring and summer). Stop fertilizing in the fall and winter when the plant is dormant.
  6. Pruning: Easter hydrangeas do not require extensive pruning. Remove any dead or damaged flowers and prune back any overly long stems to encourage bushier growth.

By following these care tips, you can help your indoor Easter hydrangeas thrive and produce beautiful blooms throughout the holiday season and beyond.
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