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Technaflora Sugar Daddy

Technaflora Sugar Daddy

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The unique combination of ingredients in Sugar Daddy are vital for all stages of plant growth and development. During the seedling stage, Sugar Daddy rapidly accelerates the sprout growth and prepares plants for transplanting. During the vegetative stage, Sugar Daddy promotes strong plant structure which is a critical precursor to final yield success.

Sugar Daddy fosters healthy stage progression by reducing transition related stressors. When supplemented with Sugar Daddy, the lower nitrogen levels, found in the flowering stage fertilizers don't become an issue. Maintain vigorous growth rates by enhancing carbohydrate, protein and fatty acid synthesis.

Compatible for use with all Technaflora products or premium quality soluble fertilizer, SugarDaddy is suitable for use in soil, soil less, and hydroponic gardening.

Features and Benefits
  • A liquid nutrient supplement, Sugar Daddy will complement any fertilizer program and increase the uptake and benefit of all nutrients.
  • Highly soluble, will not bind with other nutrients in solution or gunk-up your reservoir and does not significantly alter EC levels
  • Helps maximize the bio-genetic potential and biochemical processes of all plants, by providing precursors to healthy metabolic functioning
  • Limits transition related stressors (cuttings, transplants, low-nitrogen flowering formulas)
  • Enhances the microbial activity of gardening mediums
  • Suitable for hydroponic, soil, and soil less gardens


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