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Succulent Jade Plant Hobbit 4" Pot

Succulent Jade Plant Hobbit 4" Pot

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Succulent Jade Plant Hobbit 4" Pot

One of the most popular crassula species is Jade plant (Crassula ovata). Jade plant grows a tree-like trunk and thick, fleshy dark green leaves. 

Light: Indoors, give them lots of light -- the more the better -- to keep them in good form and color. Jade plants, tolerate spots with medium light, but don’t thrive in these conditions.

Water: Like many succulents, it’s better to water crassulas too little than too much. They can quickly rot if the potting mix stays too wet.  The best time to water is when the top couple of inches of the potting mix dry to the touch.

Fertilization: These are slow growers, so you don’t need to fertilize Jade plants a lot. You can get by feeding them as little as once or twice a year (in spring or summer).

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