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Senecio 'German Ivy'

Senecio 'German Ivy'

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Scientific Name: Senecio mikanioides

Common Name: Senecio German Ivy

Exposure: Bright, indirect light to partial shade

Blooming Time: Rarely blooms indoors

Bloom Duration: N/A

Fragrance: Mild, earthy scent

Plant Growing Habit: Trailing, vine-like

Characteristics: Lush, green foliage with scalloped edges; cascading growth habit; easy-to-grow houseplant; suitable for hanging baskets or trailing over shelves

Spacing: N/A (grown as a trailing plant)

Height: Up to 12 inches (trailing)

Width: Variable, depending on container and growing conditions

Maintenance Requirements: Low maintenance; prefers well-draining soil; allows soil to dry slightly between waterings; prune occasionally to maintain desired shape and size.

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