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Pro-Mix HP Open Top Grow Bag 1 cu.ft.

Pro-Mix HP Open Top Grow Bag 1 cu.ft.

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One of the frequent problems when sowing or transplanting is the mess that remains in grow rooms or spaces. This new delivery system comes ready to use, without the mess.

This easy-to-use system has an integrated tear-off opening, eight drip holes (2 on each side and 4 below), and is adapted for air distribution inside the bag. Keeping the interior of the bag lighter than usual containers will contribute to better root development and distribution by avoiding extra heat on the root system.

The PRO-MIX HP open top grow bag solution helps you keep a cleaner growing environment, avoid contamination, and reduce the risk of plant disease. Grow room sanitation, disinfection and sterilization are simplified thanks to a quicker, cleaner set-up, with reduced manipulation

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