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ONA Mist Dispenser

ONA Mist Dispenser

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The ONA Mist Dispenser is perfect for small rooms where the source of odors is constant or re-occurring. Under normal airflow conditions the ONA Mist Dispenser can meter out ONA Mist to neutralize odors in rooms like bathrooms, entry/exit areas, pantries, workshops, garbage collection areas, or any space up to 170 sq. meters

The ONA Mist Dispenser is able to sense bright or low light and can be set to dispense only at night, only during the day (or lights on), or for 24 hours. Misting intervals can be set to 7.5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes.

As an added bonus, the ONA Mist Dispenser fits most standard 6oz aerosol cans and can be used to dispense pesticides (use pesticides as directed on the label) or other aerosols.

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