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Future Harvest (FHD) Super B+ 500 ml

Future Harvest (FHD) Super B+ 500 ml

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Unlock the full potential of your plants with Super B+, the ultimate growth vitamin supplement. Super B+ is more than just a plant vitamin B booster; it's a comprehensive B vitamin for plants that ensures optimum growth, health, and resilience.

Harnessing the transformative power of vitamin B1 (thiamine), Super B+ acts as a robust growth enhancer. Research indicates its myriad benefits, from stimulating rooting, growing, flowering, to fruiting, providing a stress-free environment for your plants. With the consistent use of this B vitamin for plants alongside a balanced food and additive regimen, expect a significant uplift in crop yields.

But there's more! Super B+ is fortified with sea kelp, revered for its myriad benefits, including stress alleviation and increased amino acid and protein activities. Think of it as the super b+ your plants need for peak performance.

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