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Sutton Seeds

Suttons Seeds Cucumber F1 Mini Muncher

Suttons Seeds Cucumber F1 Mini Muncher

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Cucumis sativus 'Mini Munch'

Cucumber 'Mini Muncher F1' is a female-flowering outdoor mini cucumber that develops fruits at the size of 4 - 6" (10 - 15 cm). The mini cucumbers are juicy and crisp with an excellent taste making them the perfect, healthy afternoon snack or a great lunchbox filler for kids.

This is a unique cucumber to opt for and if looked after well, you can expect vigorous, early plants with high yields. Mini Muncher is tolerant of powdery mildew, downy mildew and cucumber vein yellowing virus, plus cucumber mosaic virus resistance. therefore, a very disease-resistant crop to grow.

Height : 1.6 ' (50 cm)

Days to Maturity : 55

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