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Leca Pellets 1L

Leca Pellets 1L

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LECA stands for lightweight expanded clay aggregate. Leca pellets are used in place of potting mix or soil. These baked clay balls will expand when put in water to soak. Leca is an inorganic material and does not contain nutrients. Leca pellets support a steady distribution of oxygen and water around the roots of various plants.

Treat Leca pellets by soaking and rinsing first. If not soaked, a plant can grow slower than it should. Rinse first by placing pellets in a mesh laundry bag and hose off the clay dust outside. Next soak for 24 hours. Dump water and soak for an additional 24 hours. The plants are now ready for the Leca pellets.

Size : 15-25 mm

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