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Clear Saucer Idel

Clear Saucer Idel

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Clear Plastic Saucer


  1. Water Drainage: Saucers are placed underneath potted plants to catch excess water that drains out of the pot's drainage holes. The clear plastic allows you to monitor the amount of water collected, preventing overwatering and ensuring proper drainage for the plant.

  2. Protecting Surfaces: By collecting water runoff, saucers help protect surfaces such as furniture, floors, or windowsills from water damage and staining. The clear plastic allows you to see any water accumulation and take necessary action to prevent potential damage.

  3. Preventing Root Rot: Excessive water that accumulates in the saucer can be emptied, preventing the plant's roots from sitting in standing water for extended periods. This helps to avoid root rot, a common issue caused by overwatering.

  4. Moisture Control: Clear plastic saucers allow you to visually monitor the moisture level of the collected water. By checking the saucer, you can gauge how much water the plant has received and adjust your watering practices accordingly.

  5. Nutrient Management: If you apply liquid fertilizers to your plants, the saucer can catch any excess runoff, allowing the plant to absorb the nutrients at its own pace. This prevents the nutrients from leaching away and helps maintain a healthy balance within the soil.

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