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Zig Zag (Fishbone Cactus) 4" Pot

Zig Zag (Fishbone Cactus) 4" Pot

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Epiphyllum anguliger

Zig Zag cactus is also known by the names: Ric Rac Cactus and Fishbone Cactus. The stems are serrated and lobed, like a backbone and have a thick, leathery texture that perfectly suits their dark green color. Produces gorgeous large flowers like an orchid cactus.

Light: Grow Zig Zag cactus in a bright spot, but protected from too much direct sun. If you grow this plant in sunny south window, put up a sheer curtain to diffuse the light.

Water: Zig Zag cactus can go long periods without water, but grows best if you water when the top inch or so of the soil dries out. They don't tolerate drought the same way their desert-dwelling cousins do. That said, take care not to overwater Zig Zag cactus; it will rot if the soil stays moist or wet for extended periods of time.

Humidity: Because it comes from tropical rain forests, Zig Zag cactus likes more humidity than the average cactus.

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