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Zebra Plant 4" Pot

Zebra Plant 4" Pot

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Aphelandra squarrosa is a perfect houseplant for the modern look, but needs the right growing conditions to thrive. It's beauty comes at a bit of price because it's not as easy as many other plants. 

Lighting: Grow zebra plant in a bright spot; the more light, the better. In fact, if it gets enough light, zebra plant will produce spikes of showy yellow flowers. However, too much direct sun can cause zebra plant's leaves to sunburn. In sunny windows, it's helpful to protect this houseplant with a sheer curtain.

Watering: Water zebra plant when the soil surface begins to dry. If you let it dry out too much, zebra plant will throw a temper tantrum and drop its lower leaves. (It can also drop leaves if it consistently gets too much water.)

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