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Wilt-Pruf Anti-Transpirant Spray 950ml

Wilt-Pruf Anti-Transpirant Spray 950ml

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Excessive moisture loss from plants causes severe wilting, shock or plant failure. It strikes when drying winds and frozen ground deprive plants of their natural moisture intake; when plant roots are disturbed during transplanting; during periods of drought; or, when Christmas trees and greens are cut. Wilt-Pruf forms a clear, flexible film without interfering with growth. One application will last three to four months.

Wilt-Pruf is the only horticulture anti-transpirant that has the ability to provide long-lasting protection. Wilt-Pruf dries to form a clear transparent and flexible protective coating without interfering with plant growth or materially affecting respiration, osmosis or photosynthesis. As the outside layer wears off and powders away, another layer forms. This process continues until all the layers have worn off.

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