Stromanthe Triostar 6" Pot
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Stromanthe Triostar 6" Pot

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Stromanthe Triostar 6" Pot

The Triostar Stromanthe (Stromanthe sanguinea) has impressive, full variegate foliage with vibrant shades of pink.

Mature Size 2 to 3 feet

Lighting: Positioning your Triostar Stromanthe in an area with dappled light will provide it with the best chance of flourishing. If it receives too much direct sun, it can burn the leaves.

Watering: Keeping the soil constantly moist, but not waterlogged, is preferable. In cooler weather, this plant can be kept a little drier. Allowing just the top inch of soil to dry before rewatering usually provides good results.

Soil: Your Triostar needs a breathable, light and well-draining soil.