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Spider Plant Reverse Variegated 10" HB

Spider Plant Reverse Variegated 10" HB

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Chlorophytum comosum 'Reverse Variegatum'

Spider plants are wonderfully easy to grow. Grow spider plant in just about any room of your home. It's an especially good choice for bedrooms and offices because the houseplant is remarkably good at filtering out indoor air pollution. You can pot up the "pups" to generate new plants.

Lighting: Spider plants can tolerate low to bright indirect light. No direct sunshine is required as it may give the leaves a bleached appearance or scorch them if they get too much sun. 

Watering: Water weekly but make sure the soil is dried out before you water. If not it can skip a week and be just fine.

Tip: The ends of the leaves sometimes turn brown and crispy; if this happens, try increasing the humidity around the spider plant to alleviate the problem. Brown leaf tips may also be the result of too much fertilizer.

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