Seed Potatoes Combo Sack C5 ORGANIC 1.5kg
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Seed Potatoes Combo Sack C5 ORGANIC 1.5kg

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Seed Potatoes Combo Sack C5 Organic: Chieftain, Gem Russet, Yukon Gold


Chieftain potatoes have oval to oblong tubers with smooth, bright red skin, shallow eyes, and white flesh. It's a high yielding variety that is widely adapted and stores well.

Maturity: 80–100 days

Cooking Applications:  Good for boiling, chipping at harvest, French fries. 


GemStar tubers are oblong, slightly elongated, and covered by attractive brown skins. The plants are medium sized, with dark, yellowing green leaves and numerous white flowers.

Maturity: 80-100 Days

Cooking Applications: The crisp white flesh is very good for baking and frying, and the French fries take on a superb golden color. 


Yukon Gold potatoes are a mid-season maturing potato that are oval with yellow skin and yellow flesh.

Day to Maturity: 90-100 days

Cooking Applications: Boiling, French Frying, Baking