Seed Potatoes Combo Sack C2 1.5kg
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Seed Potatoes Combo Sack C2 1.5kg

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C2 Combo Mix: Bintje, Norland, Warba

Bintje potatoes are high yielders of medium-sized tubers, keeps exceptionally well, grows anywhere, and has excellent flavor anyway you fix them. It's also grown as yellow creamer potatoes when vines are killed early. Actual season is Mid to Long.

Maturity: 100-120 (Spring/Summer), 110-130 (Fall/Winter) 

Cooking Applications: Boiling, French Frying, Chipping, Baking. Exceptional flavor. Some describe it as having a unique, light, nut-like flavor.


Norland potatoes have a beautiful red skin. An attractive, medium oblong potato with shallow eyes, smooth red skin and white flesh. Norland potatoes are an early season maturing potato.

Maturity: 70-90 days

Cooking Applications:  They are great for boiling and frying.


Warba potatoes are a very early season maturing potato that are round with white skin that has deep red eyes and white flesh. 

Day to Maturity: 65-70 days

Cooking Applications: Warba is great for boiling or roasting, but too waxy for frying.