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Remo Supercharged Kits

Remo Supercharged Kits

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Remo Supercharged Kit

Get your grow started on the right foot! This kit includes:

1 X 1L Remo's Grow

1 X 1L Remo's Bloom

1 X 1L: Remo's Micro

1 X 1L: Remo's VeloKelp

1 X 1L: Remo's MagNifiCal

1 X 1L: AstroFlower

1 X 1L: Nature's Candy

1 X Graduated Syringe

1 X Shot Glass Sized Cup

1 X Lighter Leash

Remo Supercharged Kit Mini

This kit includes:

1 x 250ml Grow

1 x 250ml Bloom

1 x 250ml Micro

1 x 250ml VeloKelp

1 x 250ml MagNifiCal

1 x 250ml AstroFlower

1 x 250ml Nature's Candy

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