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PL Light - 120/240V Alpha Reflector

PL Light - 120/240V Alpha Reflector

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Engineered specifically for low ceiling applications, the NXT LP has an ultra low-profile design allows for more space between the fixture and the surface of the crop.
Given the dimensional nature of taller crops, directing light deep within the canopy to reach the lower leaves is typically a challenge. The NXT-LP with Beta Reflector delivers a more focused field of illumination between 0 & 45 degrees in the lower hemisphere, producing uniformly deep light penetration into the canopy below, with a phenomenal efficiency* of 92.0%.

  • Dimmable Electronic Ballast
  • Engineered for Optimal Thermal Performance
  • High-Output Double-ended Electronic Lamp
  • Low profile close to ceiling mounting
  • Optimum Light Output and Uniformity
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