Palm Pygmy Date 10" Pot
Palm Pygmy Date 10" Pot
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Palm Pygmy Date 10" Pot

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Palm Pygmy Date 10" Pot

Bringing to mind the look of a tropical island, pygmy date palm likes bright light and has fine-textured fronds. Its small size makes pygmy date palm an excellent houseplant.

Lighting:  Palms need a bright spot (the brightest spot you can give them).

Watering: Water when the top inch or two of the potting soil starts to dry out.

Container: As with any indoor plants, grow houseplant palms in containers that have drainage holes so excess water can escape. Most palms don't like wet feet and can suffer from root rot if too much water builds up at the bottom of the pot. 

Common problems and how to avoid them:

  • Dry air. Remedy brown leaf tips by supplying your houseplant palm with more humidity.
  • Too much fertilizer. Giving your palm too much fertilizer at one time or over the course of time can make the leaf tips go brown.
  • Being kept too dry. If palms suffer from dry soil too long, they'll start to lose the tips of their leaves.