Mini Rose Bush Assorted Colours 6" Pot
Mini Rose Bush Assorted Colours 6" Pot
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Mini Rose Bush Assorted Colours 6" Pot

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Rosa chinensis minima

Lighting: Provide your mini rose with five or more hours of direct sun per day.

Watering: Don’t let your mini rose dry out completely. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry. If you’re using a saucer underneath, pour off any excess water. 

Temperature: Daytime temperatures of mid 70's is perfect with a cooler nighttime temp. of mid 60's. Temperatures below 50F will cause your rose to stop looming.

Humidity: Roses prefer higher humidity. The use of a humidifier or pebble tray is encouraged and provides good air circulation.

Tips: Remove dead or broken branches as necessary and deadhead spent blooms to encourage more blooming. You can keep your rose bush after blooming and plant it outdoors (after proper acclimation) and it likely will overwinter for you.