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Lightspeed 630W DE Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Bulb 3100K

Lightspeed 630W DE Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Bulb 3100K

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The Lightspeed 630W Ceramic Metal Halide Bulb pairs with any double-ended CMH system and produces more plant usable light than traditional 1000W HID lamps. This means more light and less heat.

The wide spectrum produced by this 630w CMH bulb allows it to be used straight through the vegetative and flowering stage of your plant's life cycle. To really max out yield use the 4200K bulb during vegetative growth and the 3100K bulb for flowering.


  • Ultra-efficient double ended bulb
  • Superior lumens-to-watts efficiency
  • Long life span with minimal deterioration
  • High blue spectral ratio for enhanced vegetative growth
  • Reduced branch spacing and tight internodes
  • Watts: 630
  • Kelvin: 3100
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 90
  • Initial Lumens: 62000
  • Base: Double Ended Open Pin
  • 1 Year warranty
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