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Hydrangea Cherry Go Round 3gal

Hydrangea Cherry Go Round 3gal

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Scientific Name:
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Cherry-Go-Round'

Common Name:
Cherry-Go-Round Hydrangea

Partial shade to full sun

Colour of Bloom:
Cherry red, maturing to deep pink or purple

Blooming Time:
June to September

Bloom Duration:
4 months

Plant Habit:
Rounded, bushy

Large, mophead clusters of cherry red flowers that deepen to pink or purple as they age; flowers may change color based on soil pH; rich green foliage

3 to 5 feet

3 to 4 feet

3 to 5 feet

5 to 9

Maintenance Requirements:
Moderate; regular watering, especially during dry periods; mulch to retain soil moisture; prune after flowering to remove spent blooms and dead wood; protect from extreme winter conditions in colder zones.

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