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Ficus Lyrata Standard (Fiddleleaf Fig) 12" Pot

Ficus Lyrata Standard (Fiddleleaf Fig) 12" Pot

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Ficus Lyrata

This indoor tree can grow over 3 metres tall. They can be topped to prevent them from growing taller. 

Lighting: Keep your fiddle leaf fig happiest by growing in a bright spot. The more light it gets, the faster it will grow and the better it will look. If your space doesn’t have enough light that the plant casts a strong shadow most of the day, you’ll be more successful with a houseplant with lower light needs. 

Watering: Watering is the most important thing to know when caring for your fiddle leaf fig tree. Water yours when the top couple of inches of the potting mix dry. Both over- and underwatering a fiddle leaf fig can cause it to develop yellow or brown leaves that drop from the plant prematurely. Note: If in doubt, it’s usually better to err on the side of keeping your plant a little too dry than consistently too wet. 

Humidity: Fiddle leaf fig prefers average to above-average relative humidity levels. If the air is especially dry in your home or office, augment moisture levels by grouping other houseplants around your fiddle leaf fig. Or place a small humidifier nearby. If the air is too dry, you may find your plants’ big, bold leaves show crispy brown edges.

Fertilization: Fertilize fiddle leaf fig at least once or twice a year in the warm months of spring or summer to keep it growing. You can feed it more if you wish; doing so will cause this plant to grow faster. Use any general-purpose fertilizer formulated for houseplants. 

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