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Fern Birdsnest Assorted 6" Pot

Fern Birdsnest Assorted 6" Pot

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Asplenium nidus

Lighting: Bird's nest fern grows in low, medium, or bright light. It tolerates low light, growing much more slowly in such conditions. 

Watering: Water bird's nest fern as the top couple of inches of the potting mix dry to the touch. Thanks to its thick, almost leathery fronds, it withstands drying out better than other common fern varieties. For best appearance and performance, it's best not to let it get too thirsty. You may notice the fronds start to become slightly less shiny and a duller shade of green as it gets thirstier. 

Humidity: Bird's nest fern appreciates average to above-average relative humidity levels, and as such, enjoys growing in a terrarium or under a cloche in areas with dry air (particularly in winter). 

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