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Fatsia Japonica 6" Pot

Fatsia Japonica 6" Pot

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Fatsia Japonica 

Japanese aralia boasts large, leathery leaves that can measure a full foot across. Under the right circumstances, mature specimens will produce groups of small white flowers in the fall. Mature plants resemble Castor Bean Plants and are often called False Castor Beans.

Lighting: Japanese aralia grows best when places in partial to full shade. Exposure to bright, direct sunlight can bleach the plant's leaves

Mature size: 4-5 ft. tall, 3-4 ft. wide

Lighting: Partial sun, shade

Watering: Regular moisture is essential for the Japanese aralia during spring and summer. Water regularly to ensure the soil never dries out, water the soil completely until water runs from the container's drainage holes. During the fall and winter months, cut back on your watering slightly to allow the plant to rest.

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