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Cyclamen Assorted Colours 6" Pot (Red, Pink, White)

Cyclamen Assorted Colours 6" Pot (Red, Pink, White)

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Cyclamen persicum

Cyclamen require a cool and humid environment to thrive indoors. Cool, but don't let temperatures fall below 10 degrees Celsius or go above 20 degrees Celsius. Be sure to keep plants away from heat vents or cold drafts.

Light: Cyclamen prefer lots of natural light with up to 2 hours of direct sun or dappled sunshine all day .

Water: Give them well-drained soil. Water when the soil is dry to the touch. They will wilt badly if left too long between watering.

Care after blooming: Cyclamen need a rest period after blooming. The plant will go dormant after blooming and eventually the leaves will yellow and fall off. At this point, allow the leaves to fall off and stop watering. Place your plant in a cool, dark location for 2 months. After this time you can begin to resume normal care and feed with a slow release fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing period.

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