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Thanksgiving Cactus 4" Bronze Red

Thanksgiving Cactus 4" Bronze Red

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Schlumbergera truncata

Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus are very similar looking. Usually they are all sold as the same plant, Christmas Cactus. This is mostly a marketing thing since Christmas is more of a holiday than Thanksgiving in most of the world. The care requirements are the same but they do flower at different times and have slightly different looking flower shapes.

Lighting: Provide bright light but direct sun is not required.

Watering: Water on average once per week or two, depending on your conditions. Only water when the soil has dried out.

Tip: Placing your cactus outside for the summer will encourage blooms. Bring indoors when the night time temperatures start to drop to 7°C. Alternatively, if you do not want to place outdoors; a position where the night time temperatures are approx. 10 degrees cooler at night than in the day time will also encourage blooming.

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