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Lucky Bamboo 30cm

Lucky Bamboo 30cm

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Lucky Bamboo can actually be kept two different ways. One in water and one in soil. Water-grown stems usually live for a year or so but those grown in soil are likely to last a few years. Remember that for either method keep the medium shallow at a depth of 1 inch.

In Water: 

Once per week drain the old water off and add fresh room temperature distilled water.

Once per month dislodge the stems and roots from the pebbles and rinse them with tepid tap water. Rinse and sanitize the pebbles with a water solution containing 10% bleach to kill any bacteria. Reassemble and fill with 1 inch of distilled water at room temperature and add 1 drop of liquid plant food (during the summer months only).

In Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix at a maximum depth of 1 inch. Water the soil before it completely dries out but do not keep it excessively wet. 

For both methods, if your home is especially dry, mist the foliage occasionally to increase humidity. 

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