Staghorn Fern 6" HB
Staghorn Fern 6" HB
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Staghorn Fern 6" HB

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Fern Staghorn 6" HB

Staghorn fern is one of the most unusual varieties. It's often grown on a piece of wood and hung on a wall, where its fronds grow out and look dramatically like antlers. Because it doesn't need soil, water staghorn fern by misting or soaking it.

Lighting: Grows best in medium to bright light, but shielded from direct sun, especially during the hottest part of the day. If ferns get too much light, the leaves can suffer from sunburn and have a bleached look. 

Watering: Water fern enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet or soggy. Like most houseplants, ferns will rot if they're kept too wet for too long. 

Humidity: Keep ferns healthy and beautiful by providing them with average to above-average relative humidity levels. Their love of moist air makes ferns perfect houseplants for bright bathrooms or kitchens. If ferns don't get enough humidity, their fronds may turn brown and dry prematurely. Because they like humidity, most ferns are ideal plants for terrariums.