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Begonia 'Supercool'

Begonia 'Supercool'

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Scientific Name: Begonia semperflorens

Common Name: Wax Begonia

Exposure: Partial shade to full shade

Blooming Time: Spring to fall

Bloom Duration: Continuous bloomer

Fragrance: Mild, if any

Plant Growing Habit: Upright, bushy

Characteristics: Waxy, succulent-like foliage; clusters of small, colourful flowers in shades of pink, red, or white; heat and drought tolerant; ideal for borders, containers, or as a bedding plant

Spacing: 8-12 inches apart

Height: 6-12 inches

Width: 12-18 inches

Maintenance Requirements: Low maintenance; prefers well-drained soil; regular watering, allowing soil to dry slightly between waterings; deadhead spent flowers to promote continuous blooming.

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