Begonia Angel Wings - Frosty 4" Pot
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Begonia Angel Wings - Frosty 4" Pot

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Begonia Angel Wings 4" Pot

Angel Wing begonia is an upright-growing variety that has wing-shaped leaves spotted in silver and red flowers. It can grow 2 feet tall.

Light: Grow begonia in a spot with bright light (enough that it casts a medium to strong shadow most of the day). If it does not get enough light, it will grow tall and spindly, with weak stems and no flowers. 

Water: Water your begonia as the top few inches of the potting mix start to dry to the touch. It is rather susceptible to root rot if overwatered (especially if it doesn't get enough light). If it stays too dry, your begonia may develop brown, crispy leaf tips or edges. It may even drop new leaves as they develop. 

Humidity: Begonia appreciates above-average relative humidity levels, but typically tolerates average indoor humidity. If the air in your home or office is dry, grouping your begonia with other houseplants may help.