Alocasia Polly 6" Pot
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Alocasia Polly 6" Pot

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Alocasia Polly 6" Pot

This houseplant has scalloped, purple-green leaves accented with silvery-white veins. It grows 18 inches tall and wide. It's also often sold as Alocasia Poly. Alocasia is also known as Elephant's ears and they are stunning houseplants. They often feature dark, shield-shaped foliage that may be accentuated by white veins running throughout the leaves. The plants will flower occasionally, sending up a spike with a calla-like white, light yellow, or cream bloom, but the foliage is the reason the plant is grown.

Lighting: Elephant's ear grows best in bright light. Too much direct sun, especially in hot-summer climates, can burn the leaves, so these exotic indoor plants benefit from the protection of a sheer curtain from the window.  

Humidity: Being true tropicals, they love humidity, so boost moisture levels in the air if it's especially dry.

Watering: Water as needed, when the top inch or two of the soil dries to the touch. 

Fertilization: Fertilize elephant's ear a couple of times a year to keep it healthy. The best seasons are spring and summer. Use any fertilizer formulated for use on houseplants.